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wood fencing

Stylish Wood Fences

Wood is the number one choice for privacy and security fences and is still the most common fence material used today. You can choose from different styles including single panel, picture frame (sandwich style), alternate board (shadow box), and alternate panel.

Get the Right Look for Your Home

All of our wood fences include High Quality Sherwin-Williams Stained Seal prior to installation. You can get creative with wood fences and use any number of combinations. Your field representative will help you decide what will work best for you and your home. Some of the possible options are:

  • Board on board

  • Trellis top

  • Lattice accent

  • Arbors

  • Arch top gates

  • Framed glass

  • Horse rail

  • Bamboo

  • Post master post

Common Wood Fence Styles Include:
  • Standard vertical and horizontal privacy
    (dog ear and flat top)

  • Picture Frame – common decorative and elegant upgrade to classic wood fence, similar appearance from both sides, added material cost.

  • Board on Board – no gaps, added privacy, gives depth and texture, added material cost.

  • Split Rail – choice for ranching or minimalism. Ideal for large property and livestock control – classic ‘western’ aesthetic. Lacks privacy and security but are charming and very affordable, simple design means for quick and easy repairs.

  • Picket – provides iconic and traditional look, affordable, dog eared or gothic (pointed) pickets, used for charm and aesthetics over security or boundary protection.

Custom Wood Fence & Gate Installation & Replacement

If you are interested in a new wood fence or gate, feel free to be as creative as you want; the design options available are almost endless. You can choose to have your wood fence made from cedar or redwood, which are the most common options, or more exotic woods, such as ipe. We also offer pre-stained pine and fir as well as clear grade cedar. All of these wood options can be cut and crafted to create nearly any type of fence, including picture-frame style wood fences, dog-ear fences, cap-and-trim fences, solid-board fences (with or without lattice toppers), picket fences, horizontal fences, and more. We can also build mixed-material fences, such as wood-and-iron or wood-and-masonry fences. Should you decide that you want your wood fence to be painted or sealed, we have highly qualified painting contractors that we can recommend.

vinyl fencing

Why Vinyl?

The base ingredient is rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) homopolymer compound with a high level of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. The formulation is similar to that of vinyl siding and windows, which have a long history of providing long-term durability and structural integrity.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences
  • Privacy
  • Although vinyl fencing is offered with opened slats, most vinyl fences are made with closed slats for increased privacy. Vinyl fencing can also be installed in various heights to add additional privacy.
  • Warranty
  • KM Fencing offers a guarantee. We will personally come and repair your vinyl fence during the warranty period. This means that if your posts are warping, your panels are cracking, or if your fence is simply out of alignment, you can call us and we will come as soon as possible to fix for you! Your KM Fencing vinyl fence installation is meant to last a lifetime.
  • Durability
  • Vinyl fencing is durable. Lifetime vinyl fencing is flexible in harsher elements and more durable than other fencing materials.
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance-free. Vinyl fencing does not suffer from rotting, rusting, or losing color. Occasional repairs and routine cleaning will keep your vinyl fence around for many years.
  • Affordability
  • Vinyl fencing is very affordable. Vinyl fencing doesn’t include a lot of maintenance work and is easy to set up and install, so it is very inexpensive to buy.
Vinyl Fencing Options

You have many styles and colors to choose from to get the look and features you want.

  • Privacy vinyl

  • Picket vinyl

  • Rail vinyl

  • Accent options

Vinyl Fencing Repairs

Despite being a durable material choice, vinyl fences still require maintenance to stay at their best. If you have loose or damaged vinyl slats, we can get your fence looking like new.

For more information, contact us today.

iron fencing

Beautiful, Distinctive, Secure Wrought Iron Fencing

Enjoy the timeless elegance of ornamental iron. Made from steel or aluminum, our metal fencing adapts to virtually any terrain with an array of customizable options to fit your unique sense of style and purpose. Wrought iron is attractive and strong. With a limited 20-year warranty and the ability to withstand the toughest elements, ornamental iron is perfect for security while still allowing for a great view of your surroundings. It is excellent for your home, garden, swimming pool, and deck railing. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, this product has limitless possibilities for any KM Fencing wrought iron fence installation project.

Iron Fences

Ornamental iron fencing is a modern alternative to wrought iron. Our fences are made of galvanized steel and are specifically designed to add beauty, security, and character to your property. These fences work well for any type of property, from private residences to apartment complexes to office buildings. They can be used to enhance the security and privacy of your home, close off a pool area from young children, and to keep your pets safely contained in your yard.

KM Fencing installs all types of ornamental iron fencing in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Ornamental iron fences provide the same security benefits of chain link but are much more aesthetically pleasing and decorative. Not only are our custom fences and gates a beautiful enhancement to your home, they are also low maintenance and very functional.

Benefits of Ornamental Iron Fencing
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

  • Require little to no maintenance

  • Aesthetically appealing 

  • 15-year lifespan

Materials Used

Galvanized Steel – Products/materials are primed and powder coated to offer a low-maintenance, highly durable fence that retains the classic appeal of wrought iron

chain link fencing

Chain Link Fence

If you want a fence that is durable, yet affordable, try chain link fencing – also called cyclone fencing. Chain link fences are very popular with Salem commercial businesses and homeowners alike because they offer a variety of benefits that make them appealing when installed on both residential and commercial properties. For all your KM Fencing chain link fence installation and repair needs, look no further than KM Fencing.

Galvanized and Vinyl Coated Fabric

Choose from either galvanized or vinyl coated fabric. The vinyl coated option is great for areas with a lot of human or animal contact, and it’s very popular in our coastal areas where the coating helps protect against rust.

We’ll work with you to decide what will work best for your project and needs. We can custom fabricate any fence component and can help with anything you need — contact us today!

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing
  • Affordability
  • Chain link fencing is one of the most durable fencing materials, yet also one of the most inexpensive.
  • Security Barrier
  • Chain link fencing can be as tall or as short as you want, as a good first line of security around your entire home or business.
  • Open
  • Chain link fencing is open and transparent, so you can enjoy a beautiful view with a transparent chain link fence or simply keep an eye on your surroundings
  • Vinyl slats add a variety of colors as well as privacy
  • Because they help the chain link blend in, black and grey slats are among the more popular choices.
Chain Link Fence Repairs and Maintenance

Does your chain link fence need some TLC? The following are common problems we are called in to help with:

  • Damaged Fence
  • Bent or cut chain link sections
  • Missing or broken slats
  • Gates that won’t close properly anymore
  • Loose chain link material

We also carry a full stock of cyclone fence parts for the DIY customer. When you need a chain link fence part or want us to take care of the whole chain link fence installation, give us a call.

composite fencing

Composite Fencing

Imagine a place where you can enjoy the great outdoors in complete privacy. Whether you’re grilling, playing, gardening, swimming or just enjoying the backyard, Trex Seclusions composite fencing will add to the experience with its beautiful colors, engineered artistry and quality. Did we mention that Trex composite fencing is a green product? It’s impact on the environment is minimal compared to other products. There is nothing weak about this wood alternative fence. Explore the ways Trex Seclusions fencing will revolutionized your backyard experience.  


A popular alternative to using a single color for a Trex fence is to integrate more than one color into a fence design. With three color options, this gives a customer a large number of combinations that could compliment a property’s specific color scheme. 

The most popular combination is what one of our customers dubbed “peanut butter cup.” This combination uses Woodland Brown posts, top rails, and bottom rail covers with Saddle pickets. Because Trex fencing components are not pre-assembled as fixed panels, combining the elements is easy to create this distinct two-toned appearance. To create a similar look with a wood fence would be difficult because painting or staining would have to be done in two phases and require a significant amount of covering to protect from over-spray of the alternating colors.

Product Information

Trex Composite Fencing is the perfect solution to any fencing need. Take a look for yourself. Between its incredible wind rating and the rigorous testing you can be certain that Trex Seclusions will withstand anything that nature can throw against it. Below are the technical specifications and architectural drawings that describe its attributes.

Why TREX "Composite" Fencing?

From the beginning we’ve been committed to helping you create a low-maintenance, high-performance secure and private backyard retreat. Trex composite fencing makes your life easier by giving your the strength of wood without the maintenance. Your weekends should be spent relaxing, not repairing your fence.


patio covers


Many of the homes in your neighborhood in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties likely have patio covers. In fact, you’ve probably heard your neighbors enjoying family barbeques and spending quality time with their loved ones under the shade of their patio covers. If you’ve ever dreamed of hosting your own outdoor dinner parties and family gatherings, or simply want to make better use of San Diego’s picturesque scenery and idyllic climate, a patio cover provides the perfect location for these activities and so much more.

The Perfect Option for Your Outdoor Living Area

You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of covers, all of which are custom made to the exact dimensions of your outdoor living area. We offer both solid roof structures as well as pergolas—also known as lattice covers. For solid roof patio covers, our models boast high-performance polycarbonate thermal roofs. Additional features include frames made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, a variety of column styles and colors, and options such as pergola trim and retractable screen walls that can be raised and lowered with just the push of a button.

If want to add a touch of classic elegance to your porch or deck, a pergola may be just what you’re looking for. These graceful, open-walled additions feature a lattice-beamed roof that provides shade without completely cutting off the overhead view. The pergolas we offer and install are made from the same durable aluminum as solid-roof covers, so you’ll never have to worry about them rusting, rotting, or succumbing to insect damage. Available in three Italianesque column styles, your pergola will provide year after year of maintenance-free enjoyment for you and your family.

And for the ultimate in versatility, consider an operable pergola. These patio covers boast motorized louvers that pivot from vertical to horizontal, allowing for either full shade or maximum exposure depending on your preference.

The Installation Process
  • our home improvement project will progress in three stages, all of which are designed to ensure you get the perfect addition for your outdoor living area, one that not only meets all of your expectations, but also exceeds them.

    The Consultation

    During this no-obligation meeting, one of our designers will visit your home to discuss your renovation goals and inspect your outdoor living area. This won’t be some high-pressure sales tactic to manipulate you into pulling the trigger on a project before you’re ready. It will be a casual conversation during which you’ll get to ask all your questions and we’ll review the options in detail. If you already know exactly what you want, we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. If you need a little inspiration, we’ll offer suggestions. And if you need to work within a specific price range (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), we’ll make sure your patio cover fits comfortably within your budget. We can also offer financing for qualified customers, so be sure to ask about options during your meeting.


    Once you’ve made your design choices, the next step is for the components to be fabricated at the manufacturing facility. Your cover will be customized to the exact dimensions of your home, so you can be confident it will fit like a glove. The manufacturing process usually takes between six and eight weeks. During this time, we’ll pull any permits that are required before construction begins. This is a good time to clear the construction area of furniture and other clutter. It’s also a great time to start thinking about adjustments that may need to be made to the rest of your yard, such as landscape modifications and hardscape upgrades.


    The actual building process will proceed quickly. For patios with approved foundations, construction can be completed in just a day or two. If you need a foundation laid, our team will complete the work before assembly. Throughout the entire process, we’ll keep the worksite tidy and disruptions to a minimum. After construction is finished, we’ll clean up everything and you’ll join your project supervisor for a final inspection. Prepare to be impressed!

The Trusted Experts for Outdoor Renovations

To ensure the installation of your new patio cover is as stress-free as the time you’ll spend beneath it, be sure to hire a reputable patio products installer like Pacific Patio. What makes us one of the leading installers in the San Diego Area?

  • We are a local family-owned and operated business and are 100% dedicated to ensuring our neighbors in Los Angeles and Ventura County receive the service and craftsmanship they deserve.
  • No aspect of any of our jobs is passed on to subcontractors, even for plumbing, electrical, and concrete work.

Plus, the patio covers we install are manufactured by the industry’s leading brands, including TEMO and Metals USA. These patio products come with either a full or limited lifetime warranty and are completely customizable to meet your family’s needs and complement your home’s architecture and design.

As one of the leading patio products installers in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Contact us for more information or to schedule your free in-home estimate and design consultation.

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