A fence can be a great way to beautify your property, get some much-needed privacy in the backyard, add an extra layer of security to your property, or even just to give your furry family members a place to run around. Whatever your reason for building a fence you may think all you need to do is pick out the style and the placement and call the right fence company. However, you may want to think again as there are some simple but unwritten rules when it comes to proper fence etiquette that will avoid problems with your neighbors, homeowners association, and the city or town you live in. With this simple guide, you can be sure you are keeping your community happy while also walking away with a beautiful new fence. Read on to find out our favorite tips for proper fence etiquette.

Check on Rules and Regulations

Before building a fence be sure to check with local rules and regulations. Oftentimes, the city or town you reside in will have limitations on the style, type, or even the color of the fence that you may choose. This could also include a minimum or maximum height as well. For example, many regulations allow no more than a seven-foot privacy fence in the backyard and nothing more than four feet tall in the front yard. It can get even trickier if you are on a corner lot to avoid blinding drivers heading through your neighborhood. So be sure to check with your local regulations to avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, if you are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) then you will want to check with their rules as well. Many times an HOA will have specific rules that govern how a house and property should look. Checking with them first can help you to avoid annoying headaches down the road.

Check Your Property Lines

Along with the previous entry, this is what we would call a must do when it comes to fence etiquette. Having a good idea of where the property ends and your neighbors begin is not good enough. It is illegal to build a fence on land you do not own and your neighbor could have it forcibly removed costing you time and money. Refer to your property plat to determine just exactly where your property lines fall. If you have lost this document sometimes you can get a new one from the city’s planning office for free. Another option is to hire a survey crew to determine the exact property lines. Being sure your fence is built on your property is one of the best ways to keep you and your neighbors happy. It will also be sure to save you the cost and hassle of having the fence rebuilt in the future.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Building a fence without checking with your neighbors first can be considered cold. It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know your plans for installing a fence before you actually do it. As a bonus, they might have been interested in doing the same and may be willing to collaborate on placement, style, and color. This can be great as it may save you money by splitting the cost of having a fence installed which can oftentimes get pricey. Some fence companies will often offer discounts for multiple yards further driving the cost down so be sure to check with your neighbors first. Of course, this step is completely optional, but it is a good idea to keep a good relationship with those who live so close

Give Your Neighbors the “Good Side”

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the last tip. Most fences have two sides with the “good side” being the better looking of the two. The “good side” is the one without the exposed runners and it is often good practice to put this side facing your neighbors and the street. In fact, many local regulations state that the prettier finished side needs to face outside of your yard towards the street and neighbors. If you absolutely cannot live without the “good side” facing you then it might be a good idea to invest in a double-sided privacy fence. These are also called good neighbor fences made with “sandwich construction” meaning both sides are finished making them both “good sides.” Another bonus to a double-sided privacy fence is the construction is more robust and often lasts longer than regular style fences. Check with your contractor to see what kinds of options you have when it comes to these useful and beautiful fences.

Maintain Your Fence

Fences look great when they are brand new. However, do not forget that they do require maintenance to keep them looking good for years to come. A fence that is not properly cleaned or repaired when needed can quickly become an eyesore and earn the ire of your neighbors. An ugly fence can ultimately drive the prices of surrounding houses down in your neighborhood. To avoid issues with your neighborhood or being the house on the block with an ugly fence be prepared to invest in maintenance. Keep in mind that wooden fences look gorgeous, but can often be much more costly to maintain in the long run. If you think that it could be an issue for you then it might be best to look into lower maintenance options such as vinyl. With so many options these days make sure you choose something that not only fits your budget, but also something that is within your ability to maintain when needed.

Carefully Choose Your Fence Contractor

Another important thing to consider when building a fence is finding a reliable fence contractor. You are going to want a crew who can finish your fence in a timely and professional manner. This not only means fewer aggravations and mess for you to deal with but also for your neighbors. Be sure to check reviews or ask your friends about a reliable fence contractor that you can trust.

Good Fence Etiquette

No matter your reason for installing a fence, good fence etiquette will ensure that both you and your neighbors are happy. If you follow these simple tips building a fence will be simple and painless, whether it’s for marking a boundary, privacy, protection, or simply just adding beauty to your home. Now get out there and get that fence that you have always dreamed of!

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