Why are Chain Link Fences Worth the Cost?

Chain link fences are often considered among the highest value for the price. They tend to come in on the lower side of the pricing options, while still giving critical value to homeowners.


Chain link fences are a low cost fencing option as they can cost as little as a third of the price of wood or vinyl fencing. This can make chain link fences ideal for individuals on a budget, and/or it can be good for those who have a large property to fence in.


Unlike wood fences, chain link fences are made out of galvanized steel and are not subjected to corrosion and deterioration. Wood fences are easily damaged by termites and the weather; chain link fences on the other hand are of a sturdier construction and can thusly last much longer. Furthermore, should a chain link fence become damaged for any reason, they are generally much easier to repair than other fencing options.

Ease of Maintenance

Chain link fences require much less maintenance than other fencing options, which can be beneficial for those with busy schedules. After installation, chain link fences merely require periodic washing with soapy water to keep them looking new. You will not have to worry about having to repaint/stain chain link fences. Simple maintenance practices will keep these fences in good condition for years to come.

For homeowners who are looking for a simple, cost-effective, durable fencing option, chain link fencing could be the best option available.

However, there are other considerations that could increase the price of a chain link fence.

Cost Considersations for a Chain Link Fence

The Gauge

One of the most important considerations when buying a chain length fence is the gauge, which is the diameter of the fence wire. The higher the gauge number, the less amount of steel is used.

From the heaviest to the lightest gauge, the most common ones are 6, 9, 11, 11-1/2, 12, 12-/2 and 13. If you need temporary, light fencing a 6 gauge will is a good choice. The gauge that’s usually recommended for most fencing has a gauge between 11-1/2 and 9.

The Height

Chain link fences are available in various heights. While taller fences are usually used for commercial purposes for added security, smaller fencing is mostly seen in fencing in residential yards.


As for vinyl-coated chain length fencing, you can choose from several colors, such as green, black, brown and white. If you need a fence that looks industrial, a galvanized fence is the best choice. However, a vinyl coated chain link fence, which has a vinyl sealing around the galvanized metal, is the way to go if you’re a homeowner wanting to fence in a yard.

The Length

The biggest cost driver for chain link fences are the length of the fence. Obviously, if you have a large area to fence, you’re going to pay more for the fence. The more materials you need, the more you’ll have to pay.

Now that you know the value of a chain link fence and the things that can affect its cost, you’re in a much better position to make your buying decision. With all these variables in play, we obviously can’t put a price figure on your fence without talking to you. So contact us today to go over these options and find out what we think your new fence will cost you!