Allow us to let you in on an industry secret: a wood fence possesses magical powers of transformation. When the right fence is professionally installed, you’ll reap the benefits of improved appearance, increased safety, and added home value. When looking to add value to your property, consider the following points.

A Wood Fence Installation Boosts Aesthetics
In order to ensure your fence installation results in increased property value, you should select a fence that complements the architecture of your home. Additionally, the fence should fit in well with the surrounding homes. While an elegant wooden fence may increase home value, prospective buyers are less likely to purchase a home with an imposing 8’ fence.

A Wood Fence Installation Adds Function
Prior to installing a fence, consider its functional nature. Ensuring your fence is future-proof for homeowners with children or pets can help you get the maximum value out of your fence installation.

Pick the Right Materials
The material you select can drastically impact the resale value of your fence. According to Realty Times, though initial installation costs for chain link fences are lower, “the resale value obtained with this addition is so minimal. On the other hand, privacy wood fences and solid fences like concrete or cast iron can net a profit of at least 50% of the material and installation costs on resale.”

A Wood Fence Installation Improves Safety and Security
Need a fence that provides a safe and secure area for you and your loved ones to relax, enjoy and play? Or maybe trying to keep wildlife and other hassles at bay? Whatever your reason, a wood fence may be a perfect bet. This traditional optional provides yard security and a sense of safety especially where you need it most.

A Wood Fence Installation Gives a Lasting Look
Traditional yet contemporary, wood fences are a lasting look that does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Add quality to your home with a wood fence in a style that appeals to you. Whether picket, solid board, specialty and more, this fencing option simply makes a home feel like a home.

A Wood Fence Installation Enhances Privacy
Who doesn’t enjoy privacy? Wood Fences are a perfect way to create a private haven outside. Whether your yard is a place to enjoy the outdoors without venturing too far from home, a place to commune and meditate, ensure that the boundaries are there to keep distractions out.

If you’re interested in improving your home value with a wood fence installation, contact us today. Our team of dedicated professionals will provide individualized solutions for your fencing needs. In addition to saving you time, professional installation will also ensure you get the most value out of your fence.